Jam 6.15.04: Masuimi

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Postby TheMaskedPencil » Wed Jun 23, 2004 9:21 pm

I am going to be bold! Dam the torpedoes! Check it out!
This is an experiment with the Alias Software. I thought is wasn't half bad cause I suck with color.
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Postby grafxdude » Wed Jun 23, 2004 10:54 pm

Mike - awsome take on #2. Love the graveyard scene. Here's mine.
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Postby joesen » Wed Jun 23, 2004 11:45 pm

walrus... holy crap! this is a killer piece! she is damn sweet and the details and mood are so well done. this gives me inspiration to do another one for this jam and try to do the scene around the girl as well.

this would have been agood contribution to the bellefree jams. the subjects there (like the "playing" card or "mood") are set into a larger context - yours could ve been done to the subject "gothic scene" or something like that.

i love it!
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Postby doktor-U » Thu Jun 24, 2004 3:54 am

nickracecar: I like the looseness in that, looks like ink

mykesyle: what a nice face... I like her eyes..

chad coyle: my favourite! whats the medium? marker or watercolors? everything so simple but soo beautifull: the shadow in the face, her breasts, everything...

flave#1: great scenery

Mario: great lineart, really nice face.

flave#2: great inking, but the pose (legs, belly, left hand) seems wrong

walrus#2: absolutely awesome, you seldom posted anything that detailed.
are the lines done with ink or pencil? great work!

belial: uuuh! sweet and innocent! i loove the colors - she looks soo .. umm.. naked.. with them. just hands and chin look wrong.

artscreen: great stuff! awesome colors...finish ?er!

cheezykat: interesting, quiet interesting I daresay. nice work on the lines

te armando: mmh! thats very nice! very warm colors, and that scratchy colorin look soo much like colored pencil! nice pose, nice tits, hope to see more of you!

flash bastard: nice shading on the 2nd one, but her eyes look weird.

sorry for not commenting on everybody, but my time on this planet is limited...
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Postby The Armando » Thu Jun 24, 2004 8:52 am

Thanks guys for the comments.
I like so much all the stuff in this Jam...thought Walrus steals the show with his AWESOME second pic :shock: Excellent job, all of you!
This is my second one... and one more to go... :D
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Postby gbillustration » Thu Jun 24, 2004 10:45 am

Wow guys!! great stuff here!1 Here?s my colour version. Done it in Photoshop.
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Postby Thorsten Hasenkamm » Thu Jun 24, 2004 12:05 pm

Nice work everybody with my fave being chad coyle's...

Here's my version...

Image Image
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Postby BeLiAL » Thu Jun 24, 2004 12:16 pm

Thanks for comments. Her feet are bit to big and her breast aren't as round as they should be.

Some comments:

kay: line work looks wavy :)

TheMaskedPencil: squint your eyes and you'll see that colour of background is too similar to the one used for body; this problem can be solved by drawin' outline around her.

grafxdude: I see the same problem that I had when drawin' the torso, her hips are bit too narrow

The Armando: Cool, but I think that her head is bit too small when compared to the body, but i like it anyway :)

DirtySancho: when I saw thumbnail I thought that someone had posted a photo :) Overal it isn't bad piece, but i think that background is way too blured. Maybe some linework would help here.

gbillustration: Nice colours here, some shadows are missing, but it's still good piece

Thorsten Hasenkamm: weird, but coooool :)


p.s. sorry for my English

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Postby Drawbone » Thu Jun 24, 2004 1:13 pm

Some compliments on jams that caught my eye...

Mykestyle: You nailed the perspective, nice colors

Flave: very Coop like

Mario: I enjoy the line work

Belial: I like the warm colors of the figure against the cool subtle background color

Doktor u: That's one lucky Tiki

Walrus: I wish I could color like that digitally. Gimme some old fashioned media like colored pencils and I could maybe give you run, but digitally, I just can't do it...envy

Here are my colors...this was fun.
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Postby _sammy » Thu Jun 24, 2004 1:35 pm

New to the forum - first time post ... I'm quite impressed by everyone's work, there are a few that particularly standout to me:

niceracecar - quite splendid job -- I love to see the artists' mark.
mykestyle - Beautylines dude - you have a great handle on not only the foreshortened perspective but great taste for adding your contours.
Keep up the great work! Spend as much time on your painting as your linework and you'll have a definate winner!
Chad Coyle - ... same thing goes for you as for niceracecar ... the pure level of energy in your peice is inspiring.
flave - great ink work - but I must admit - it makes me a little dizzy. *s*
Toy_Otter - I'd suggest you slap down another sheet of paper over this and keep refining her - she's looking great!
walrus - hoot! hoot! pretty sweet dude! Damn, you're a machine! Where do you find all the free time? :)
BeLiAL - great drawing - wouldn't change a thing EXCEPT for the color palette - she looks too caucasion to me ...
The Armando - she has a certain appeal I like - I'd only suggest throwing down a new sheet of paper - and adjusting the proportion of her ribcage - and for heavens sakes, finish the feet!
Thorsten Hasenkamm - I always admire someone who can pull off anything close to a Picasso approach, good work!

... and my one day ruff clean ...
pencil -> photoshop ruff cleanup & color
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Postby Oysterboy » Thu Jun 24, 2004 4:52 pm

im still trying to get back into my old drawing habits. i had a real hard time doing this. the legs and feet are way off. but its practice. C and C welcome. anyone have tips for getting back into the habit??
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Postby Matty B » Thu Jun 24, 2004 9:11 pm

Came back for some commenting ackshun:
bittersweetfatkid: Nice solid blacks - I love the face especially.
Chad Coyle: Love this one - nice long legs and cool style
Toy Otter: Wow, nice flow and stuff going on
Mario: Aye ca rumba! Especially love the face and hair.
Leander: Nice! I really like your first one - cool textures and shading - gonna have to experiment down that avenue!
BeLiAL: Schmick - lovely clean style - just beautiful.
MykeStyle: Love your colouring! Nice highlights and interesting background.
artscreen: Woah! Love where this was going - love the expression
joesen: I think it's got a cool Halo Jones thing happening - really nice!
doktor-U: Love the island girl one! Nice colour scheme
Sam Spade: Nice! Not crappy at all. Nice solid lines - cool lips. As for how to colour her - the style looks a little bit Art Nouveau-ish... maybe? - so perhaps that sort of style?
Walrus: Heh that graveyard one steals the show - fantastic!
Thorsten: that's really cool! Brilliant interpretation
OysterBoy: Nice style - as for tips for getting back into drawing, well, I think I read it here that if you set aside 30mins or an hour every morning just drawing - even if you have to get up early to do it, you'll be on top of things in no time. Of course I don't actually do that myself (but I need to!)
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Postby gbillustration » Fri Jun 25, 2004 12:40 am

hey thorsten
Like your piece a lot..very original!
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Postby walrus » Fri Jun 25, 2004 8:07 am

Hey, all! Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I really appreciate them! I'm really glad everyone's digging the graveyard masuimi (no pun intended... for a change!) as much as I had fun making it.

kay - I really like the colors that you uses, so warm and inviting. I have to agree with belial's note on the wavy lines, and it seems odd to have her floating there, obviously sitting, but not sitting on anything at the same time. Throw a milk crate in there or something! ;-)

masked pencil - it definately is a bold picture! The face is pretty and the tough perspective looks good! It feels weird to have some parts (the guns) outlines while other parts (her body) aren't.

grafxdude - i like how soft and her skin coloring is in contrast to the more satureated backdrop. Good angle on her face, too.

joesen - Yeah, I miss those Bellefree workshops, too! They really pushed you to do your best work at times. That last one hosted by Alberto was the best... And also, the last time i did a background as complex as this one!

doktor-U - I was going to ink the lines, but I hate inking so i stick with what i know - very tight pencils. At this resolution, indistinguishable from inks, anyhow.

The Armando - There's something weird going on with her midsection perspective, but her face is really beautiful!

Sancho - I think you win the prize for making an image that looks the most recognizably like Masuimi Max herself! I think it could help the piece to have lass blurry parts and make everything as sharp as her body details. The blurry tattoo on the crisp body feels somewhat out of place.

gbillustration - nice strong colors, i think you did an especially fine job on the chrome.

Thorsten - good to see you jamming again! I remember back when you were practically always the first person to post a rendition on the Drawing Jams! Anyhow, a strong unmistakeable take, as always - she looks like she could be posing for a playing card!

drawbone - I don't know what your talking about, your colors are quite strong and pretty. I can't even guess which parts are colored pencil. I love the textured background, and the fact that you customized both poses to make her look like the same different-from-Masuimi character.

Sammy - I dunno, just squeeze int he time somewhere. Lunchbreaks, after work, early mornings. Helps that I was really excited about this piece, and I'm pretty fast anyhow. I like the look on your illo's face, and the fact that her derriere really feels planted on the ground, not floating. Her forearms, though feel too short for her upper arms.

Oysterboy - Nice drawing, in the very stylized Shane tradition. I love that even her tattoo is stylized. As for getting back into the habit, Matty has it exactly right. Drawing is like any sport or fitness: You have to do it constantly to stay in shape. I can only speak for myself, but lately, I've been getting up and drawing for one hour every morning, and man has my drawing improved! Or maybe come back up to speed: I found that, because I hadn't drawn anything in a long while, I'd fallen out of practice. Now that I've been devoting an hour a day, the figures roll off the pencil that much easier. but granted, it's hard to make the time. I know I can't keep it up forever, and when I pause, my drawings will likely become crappier again! :-)

and wow, i think i coverred everyone, woo hoo!

Off to do some real work, then!

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Postby SamSpade » Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:28 am

walrus-fantastic as always, and thorsten the same, Ive always enjoyed your illustrations,

matty, thanks for the comment, Id love to attempt to color it, im just afraid of ruining it, for lack of experince in digital colors. (II thinmk im goin to pick up that book digital characters and painting for tips)
gotta go, hopefuly i can get a color in before this dies. :)

Oh and yeah, I have (since about a week ago the time I started participating more here) been trying to do at least one full drawing a day, or close too, and sketch/doodle, whenever I am idle, Its allready feeling better seeing some sketching, and my eyes and hands are feeling more practiced. set aside any time whatsoever and just do a session of drawing. do it everyday, it helps alot. (another reason why these jams are awesome!)
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