Emperor's New Groove/Kingdom in the Sun Model Sheets

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Emperor's New Groove/Kingdom in the Sun Model Sheets

Postby DTNethery » Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:30 pm

Former supervising animator at Disney, Dave Pruiksma has posted some of his model sheets for Kingdom in the Sun (aka (Emperor's New Groove) on his web page :


Click on any of the still drawings on that page and it will take you to a short Quicktime movie which cycles through a series of model sheets such as this one of Dave's llama character from Kingdom In The Sun, which was not used in final film when it was re-tooled as The Emperor's New Groove , although this is a very nicely drawn character design :


(actually, this llama character , Snowball, may have been used in The Emperor's New Groove as a background character in one of the sequences, but it was originally intended to be a featured character , but the reworking of the story from Kingdom In the Sun to Emperor's New Groove reduced the character's role)
Dave Pruiksma "Snowball" model sheet
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