Jessica and Roger Rabbit

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Jessica and Roger Rabbit

Postby Easily Amewsed » Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:48 am

Hi all
Sorry if this is old hat.
Does anyone have or know links to modelsheets for Jessica and Roger Rabbit? <:)
Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Postby disneyaholic » Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:41 pm

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Postby wildcardv2 » Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:02 am

Those character sheets (and quite a few others i think) no longer exist on that website :(
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some jessica available earlier in this thread

Postby kilowatts62 » Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:18 am

Look here for Jessica:

No Roger, though.
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